Why College students Prefer Learning in Canada .

30 March 2020 0 Comment

In addition to presenting an agreeable population, Canada is renowned because of its relaxing natural beauty. No other nation in the globe surpasses Canada’s wealth of mountains, forests, and lakes. The country also allows people from various other nations to settle as citizens by providing duo citizenship. Also, Canada uses both French and English as its official languages (Source: Canada eta) .

It really is, therefore, very easy for as a foreigner to fit in this country as you’ll find a culture and language to relate to or understand. Besides, the Canadian government offers education policies that favour all students. In this article, you shall get understanding into why students love learning in Canada.
After intense research, we developed the following reasons as to the reasons learners prefer flying to Canada for his or her studies.

1. Top Universities

Canada is famous for its quality and affordable education, rendering it rank large one of the better study places in the world. You may wonder how students get to study well in Canada’s harsh weather. If you get to discover snow in a few parts of the country for near fifty percent the year, there is no Canadian university or college located in those locations! The most popular Canadian provinces for international students consist of Quebec, Ontario, and British Columbia. Also, many of these provinces can be home for some of the very best universities within Canada.

26 0f Canadian universities got featured in the 2019 rankings from the QS World University. Three of them are among the very best 50 in the world, while 11 rates among the top 300 universities in the globe. If you’re searching for an elite university, applying to study in another of the Canadian universities can be a wise decision. For instance, McGill University, University of Toronto, University of Alberta, Universite de Montreal, Western University, McMaster University, and the University of Waterloo.

2. Appropriate Study Period

Courses in Canada take adequate time for you to complete. Undergraduate levels consider 3 – 4 years to comprehensive based on the degree type gotten undertaken. Masters programs take from 1 – 3 years, depending on research and coursework. Most PhDs take around 4 – 6 years to complete. But in Quebec, study times and length will vary from the others of Canada. For example, secondary school students finish a calendar year earlier, and all get required to have a General and Vocational College (CEGEP) course before joining the university.

3. Higher Education Options

Canada offers various types of advanced schooling. In the event that you don’t make it to join the university, you can get advanced schooling from community colleges, applied science schools, applied arts, and technical schools. These schools grant bachelor’s degrees, certificates, associate’s degrees, or diplomas. You get spoilt with options for advanced schooling in Canada ( Source: Canada eta visa) .


It is a no-brainer; Canada is the best in quality and inexpensive education. Despite getting the most favorable environment for learning, the Canadian education system offers multiple avenues for higher education. Being a foreigner, selecting to look and study in Canada can be an exceptional option. If you are thinking of studying outside your nation, consider going to Canada.

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